What is innovative about GameAir?

GameAir brings the holistic feel and health benefits of bouncing on a rebounder / Trampoline into the world of Exergaming. It also brings an exiting new way to integrate player actions into a variety of game titles.
Aside from the health benefits, GameAir creates a whole new level of user experience for gamers as well as for exercisers. The players feel invigorated and filled with a sense of wellbeing while bouncing on GameAir. They can choose out of a wide variety of game titles catering to their age group, style and fitness level.

Will GameAir interact with existing gaming titles?

Yes, GameAir technology uses smart external drivers in order to "Plug & Play" to a wide variety of existing game titles without any necessary adjustments.

What kinds of games will GameAir "Plug & Play" into?

GameAir is used mainly to simulate games that involve: Jumping, Running, Turning and Shooting ("Super Mario" for example). Technically it will be able to support almost any game title just like the common gamepad or the keyboard & mouse.

What kind of gaming platforms will GameAir interact with?

GameAir will interact both with pc's as well as common game consoles.

Will GameAir be used in commercial arenas or in households?

Different versions of GameAir will be used both for commercial and houshold use.

Why do the handles have to be attached to the surface and not free motion like the wii remote?

1. In order to secure the landing while jumping.
2. To allow for control over the "Hang time" in order to perform "Super jumps"
3. To create a mechanism that simulates turning in 3D game titles.

What's the need for a device in light of the advance Cam technologies existing in the gaming industry today?

1. The difference between running and jumping in front of a cam and doing so on GameAir resembles the     difference between throwing punches in the air and doing so on a punching-bag
2. Using a cam does not allow you to "Plug & Play" to advanced game titles with a high level of accuracy.

Is it possible to play online gaming using GameAir?

Yes. Any game which may be played using a gamepad, keyboard or mouse may be played with GameAir.

Will GameAir have Force feedback?

A version of GameAir with Force feedback will be available.

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