GravitX is an Israeli based Exergaming company, founded by Yoav Lerner and Gal Shvebish in November, 2007.

GravitX specializes in developing PC/Console-based active game technologies, that deliver "full-motion" participation in video games. The Company is currently developing a revolutionary, Full Motion, Man-Machine Interface Controller, called GameAir. GameAir provides gamers and exercisers with a whole new experience in interactive gaming. It's "Plug & Play" design is compatible with many popular game titles and requires no additional accessories. GameAir allows users to play popular game titles on a PC or game consoles and uses the player’s own physical motion to operate the game, allowing the user to feel the excitement and competitive challenge within the game.

Different versions of the GameAir technology will have an impact in a variety of markets:

Video Games : With the success of Nintendo’s Wii, Konami’s DDR, Activision’s Guitar Hero, Sony’s EyeToy and others, the ‘active game’ segment will exceed $3B this year. The GameAir technology allows Gamers to increase their gaming experience and activate their whole body while playing off-the-shelf game titles.

Commercial Fitness: Computer interactive products, called Exergaming are a fast growing segment of the commercial fitness equipment market. Playing GameAir is actually a full body workout, Players exercise both their lower and upper body, burning calories and strengthening their muscles. Different game titles will provide different levels of physical difficulties.

Toys: With the increasing awareness of the obesity epidemic, there is a trend toward toys that integrate fitness with fun. The GameAir technology is a key product in a series of planned products.

Coin-op Arcade Machines: The GameAir technology provides a compelling new way of interacting with coin-operated amusements.

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